A Little Bit of Ye Lwin Oo

Full Name is “Ye Lwin Oo”. Many call my nicknames, “William” (or) “Ko Ye”. The eldest guy in a Chinese family; I have a sister and a brother. A sociable and outgoing guy who is going to become a man soon. Born in Rangoon (Burma), hailed from a very beautiful coastal beach town, Tavoy. Career wise, I’m currently a part of a German Multinational Corporation as Regional Sales & Marketing Manager.

Crushed on photography in early 2002 (my sophomore days at Assumption University) and called myself an amateur with the very first digital camera in my life, Fujifilm S-5500. Photography is neither generation nor background. It’s genuinely a self-initiated passion. Photography is stress-relieving pills for me. Photography always gives me power to stand up from stressful junctures, shows me directions in the dark, offers me energy to survive, fuels me to focus on successes and back me up to embrace the world…

It was in Aug 2007, I decided to start a new chapter in my life i.e. to share my photos onĀ PhotoBlog. What’s more, I had an intractable dream of having a cyber-room to archive my expression photos and documentaries with decent manifestations. My dot-com craze was cured in 2008 Oct. My appreciation to the dream weaver, Blogger Myo Kyaw Htun. He figured out thousands of troubles and helped me launch this blog. This is how YELWINOO.COM was born!!!

In My Photography

Photographers takes photos. No offense! But I am totally different. I don’t normally take photos but “I capture the moments” ! I rarely shoot “Sunsets” or “Beautiful Landscapes” in my life. Why? To my honesty, I feel plain and bored shooting these (but I have a few). I meticulously treasure “Expression Pictorials”, “Candid & Street Photography”, “Documentaries”, “Culture & Traditions” and a bit of “Travel Photography”. A kid crying horribly in slum area or a roadside vendor selling fruits against burning sunlight? Yes, these are my all time ideal subjects. Shooting in rustic atmosphere without any artificial clause is my irresistible mania.

In My Gears

I am a bona fide Nikon fan! Rationally because I fancy the unbeatable performances of legendary Nikkor lenses. I currently own a Nikon D800 FX with a collection of Nikkor Nano G-Series lenses. Explore my Shooting Gears page for more insights.

My Photography Idols

Ko Kyaw Thura Htun aka Photo Tha Khin Gyi (Mandalay) is my biggest mentor in Photography. He is the one who thoughtfully enlightened me with “Candid Photography” and also the one who weaponized me with “magical eyes to decipher simple subjects into different visions”. Moreover, U Pe Khin (Myanma Railways) and Dr.Maung Maung Gyi (Mandalay) are my revolutionary heroes in photography.

In My Language of Blogging

I maneuver my blog with my own inspiration i.e. furnishing the photos with “narrations“. Some are short notes, some as essays, some are historical data or some being personal tributes. These narrations strengthen the readers’ anticipation and fuel their elucidation. Believe me, not many photographers can write such touchy narrations.

In My Passion

Every single day, I stand on my emotion to translate the world in my eyes into the language of photography. Photography is my passion yet it is oxygen for my soul. I will always be holding my camera and capturing the moments in my daily life …

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